Why kids don™t like to eat vegetables

diabetes and even heart disease in some extreme cases at a very young age which is alarming. Why kids don€™t like to eat vegetables.

Why kids don™t like to eat vegetables
Why kids don’t like to eat vegetables

Medical experts and parents show growing concerns over the lack of green in most of our children™s diet. Many blame fast-food and the rise of high calorie sugary drinks as the reason. Many suggest that it may be due to aggressive social-media and TV campaigns done by large corporations to persuade young minds that eating factory processed foods is a healthy alternative to vegetables. However, why our kids don™t like to eat vegetables is a culmination of our modern dietary habits alongside the lack of interest parents show in trying to have their children eat everything and develop healthy eating habits at a young age. This has led to many children suffering from obesity, diabetes and even heart disease in some extreme cases at a very young age which is alarming. Why kids don™t like to eat vegetables.

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Kids don™t like to eat vegetables due to a large variety of reasons predominantly being the fact that they simply seem less appetizing as compared to sugary drinks and fast foods. This is mainly due to huge advertisement companies normalizing the consumption of these kind of food articles as alternatives to actual healthy nutritious meals. This has led to children thinking that vegetables are not all that necessary and that its much more practical (and tasty) for them to refer to items for their daily caloric intake. Moreover, even parents are now using these food items as an easy way to get rid of cooking long nutritious meals for their children after a long hectic day. So, even they resort to having frozen food items and other instant meals at home thereby making kids not like eating vegetables.

Kid™s not liking vegetables is an issue that is of paramount importance as these individuals would grow up to have a higher risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes and obesity which can be prevented by providing them with a balanced nutritious diet filled with vegetables and other important vitamins. The increase in the number of bad calories children consume nowadays has led to growing concerns amongst experts about their proper mental and body development and if they would grow up being addicts to sugar and suffer from other vitamin deficiency related diseases as they simply do not consume enough vegetables. Various government efforts have been done throughout to globe to introduce healthier lunches in cafeteria but large food corporations are making all their efforts go to vain creating further dislike for vegetables in children.